In almost every case, we want our configuration to be separate than the application code itself. This will enable us to change and tweak the behavior of application without modifying the code itself. There is nothing wrong in modifying code, but is it worth it to go through the long process of compile, build, create image , push image to repository and the deploy again?

In this era of Cloud-native / micro-services (whatever you like to call it), it makes sense to extract the configuration out and provide it after the fact.

If we follow 12 factor apps methodology,

Sonatype Nexus 3 repository


In this installment, we will deploy and setup Sonatype nexus 3 repository on Kubernetes.


  • Introduction
  • prerequisites
  • Creating deployment
  • Accessing web UI
  • Complete resources

1. Introduction

maven central has been always a go to and convenient resource for every java developer for any libraries. There are over 18M artifacts available for download.

That’s great, but what if we want to host our own artifacts in order for us to reuse but don't necessarily want to make them public?

That’s where self-hosted private repository comes in to picture. …

Arfat Bin Kileb

Cloud Engineer, Java progammer

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